The BASIC course


My BASIC course is now complete on 26th January 2022 and I've received 15 ETCS credits and my first qualification in Audio Engineering called German Certified Audio Assistant.

The BASIC course consisted of six assessed mixes 1 month apart

  1. Stuck No need for solace
  2. Security Masterbrecords
  3. Mornings Kade
  4. Unter der Haut Jochen Sachse
  5. Tanzt by Vameledyt
  6. Demons by Sameday Records (mixed by Jochen Weyer originally)

Demons was by far the most complicated and that got me the badge. It's a 16 track mix with forty or fifty groups and effects. It takes up the entire memory of my machine.  It's good that one. The Harmony and Thoery and Pro courses await this month.


The Exam Was 76% as a Computer Marked Assessment

PRO course


In the pro course you can pay to have up to 6 extra submissions marked but you need to submit just six of them that you get for free form the 12 that you do for the course. You are more or less left to do them as you wish but you are expected to do more than one mix and then submit your best one fo the 2 or three they provide as practise mixes plus to learn form opera projects which are learning form other engineer's mix documentations as well as making the usual notes notes on the manuals

Individual Units



Pro one is principally about dealing with miking in more detail than in the BASIC course and a little revision. I submitted my own production for that but it wasn't my best one. I bought myself a new mic the industry Standard and best Value for Money Cardiod Vocal Mic the SHURE SM58.



I tackled this acoustic classical module near the beginning as I needed it more for my work than some of the other ones. I chose the first exercise to submit which was the miking of an orchestra playing Brahms Symphonic Dances the Hungarian one from that orchestral suite that HOFA Studios recorded themselves.

This is the resulting mix.


This covered more on EQing a piece of music and a few other things covered in depth in the BASIC Course. There was a piece of techno here called Floor! by Jens Helmis that took my fancy as a remix. A lot of techno processing is Equing intensive that's probably why they included this one here in the unit. I skipped ahead a bit because a lot of what we are doing at the moment is revision.