For those of you monolinguals who don't speak Colongish I will translate:

I have an Affection for Cologne

by Black Feet.

Su alt mer weed mer blieven Jecke un mer luure jän zoröck op dä Wääch dä mer jejange met ner kleine Troon em Bleck Kölle es un bliev uns Heimat janz ejal wat och passeet et hät noch immer jot jejange selvs wenn die Welt ens ungerjeit
If you are as old and wise as me when you look back through the years you'll have no doubt in your mind that Cologne is your home city for certain, regardless of what is passed and what will come still and even if the world goes under.
Mer han e Hätz för Kölle uns ahle Stadt am Rhing mer han e Hätz för Kölle su weed et immer sin bes Du he nit jeboore dat es doch janit schlemm wichtig es woför et schläät dat kleine ruude Ding
Chorus: I have an affection for Cologne this ancient city on the Rheine. I have an affection for Cologne and it will always be so. It doesn't matter if you weren't born here the only thing that matters is where your precious little thing beats for:
Wat jeit he af die letzte Johre wat han se bloss met uns jemaat ze vill jefiert, ze vill verjesse un zo wennich noh jedaach Wenn mer uns jetzt ens all besenne es et villeich noch nit ze spät jo, dann künne mer nor jewenne wenn jeder endlich jet dran deit
Because of what has happened over the past few years we really haven't had much to celebrate together, we've forgotten so much and haven't thought of anything new. If we all put our minds to it perhaps it's not too late and even now; we could still win if indeed anyone ever won at all.
Mer han dir alles zo verdanke mer han su vill von Dir jeliert die Eigenart muss mer erhalde weil jeder söns vun uns am Engk doch nur verliert
I owe you everything for having taught me so much about sticking up for being yourself because each of us is coming hard up against our limit and only losing.