I've just completed my final project for the BASIC Mixing Cert from HOFA College in Mannheim. It took a while! Demons was originally mixed by my tutor Jochen Weyer and it's a 16 track full mix with documentation. It has a subgroup hierarchy which you have to get right and many other variables including 7 vocals tracks. This is my final answer on Soundcloud. I'm still working on notes to Chapters 5 and Six of the course to be published in a hardback manual for my professional future.

My short course in Film Music Composition is starting with GSMD London on Tuesday and I'm doing the HOFA Harmony and Thoery Short Course in addition this month hopefully it'll keep me on track to get through the work. In about 9 days I'm hopeing to be issued with another qualfication. Also in the pipeline is Grade 4 Piano and a Singing Teaching Diploma from ABRSM. The Schubert for Grade 4 is sounding very fine indeed.

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A sonatina is a mini Sonata ususally consisting of just 2 movements but occasionally 3.

Tobias Hasslinger Sonatina in C

Early Beethoven Sonatina in G

Muzio Clementi Sonatina in C

My Creations! Heaven sent my fans!

Sonata Facile K.545 Rondo W. Mozart

Minuet by W.A. Mozart

3 Short pieces by Leopold Mozart

The Mozarts

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V. The Bachs

Polonaise attributed to J.C. Bach

Minuet in G; Suite BWV822, J.S. Bach

Minuet Anh.114 now att. C. Petzhold

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My Little Book of Berlin (2016)

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