Political activism remains an essential part of politics

providing a dynamic edge to what is otherwise

 a highly policed and stagnant political

system within which anything goes if you are well liked and

nothing goes if you not. It helps to address social

injustices by working together and saying how you feel,

but ultimately you can only appeal to the sympathy of

those politicians that hold the real balance of power. It

is them that make the ultimate decision; should they

allow a demonstration to go ahead in which many people

oppose a war despite the risk of mass violence

or should they go into battle.

All too often nowadays it’s seen as rather un-coperative

to complain and also too inconvenient to

strike. People rather unjustly, are being told to take it

on the chin, to suffer in silence for the so called greater

good of others. Political activism is a tool that might

cater for the needs of people who wish to rebel and say

something about an issue whilst employing the tactics

of safety within numbers. They might have a

general consensus on an issue, but don’t know enough

about it to address the issue as a professional. Politcial

activism can be a learning process and a way into professional

politics regarding that matter if needs be others just do it for fun.

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