Kern Wuppertal


The boss Wuppertal originally put me on the system with Kern AG before I was contacted for my first classes with Frau Schreiber after I had popped in touting people for work. I only ever did one class in Wuppertal at Alte Kirchplatz which dragged on for years because she was so unmotivated. This was the Bruléfert class. It even survived after he had left. Nice guy good translator who gave me some translation work when I had returned to the UK.


Frau Hildebrandt


Frau Kirstin Hildebrandt was a very sweet Lady from Cologne who was in charge of a class I had at Kern Wuppertal in Alter Kirchplatz.  The French lady Frau Bruléfert kept cancelling and restarting. Sometimes I would turn up and she wouldn’t be there. A real nightmare pupil because you never know how big your wage packet is going to be at the end of the month with them. Anyway, Kirstin Hildebrandt did her five year translation studies degree at Cologne Polytechnic University. She was a great translator and well respected by Mr Gough whom I later worked for in Solingen who was the best translator in the area and official translator to the Düsseldorf court. Frau Bruléfert, who was very nice actually was often late as well so I stuck on the Wuppertaler Kaffeeklatch (Wuppertal Coffee Party Coffee) as it was called and chatted Kirstin up and we had fag together. Eventually I asked her out but she had a boyfriend who was a doctor but she was really sweet and I liked Kirstin.