Hugh's Musical Links


Manfredo Zimmerman - Baroque Ornamentation Expert a graduate of Graz conservatoire and a professor of mine in Wuppertal.

Lutz Werner Hesse - German composer and my history and musicology professor at Hfm Wuppertal. He was the reason why I aspired to become a composer professionally.

Anja Binkenstein - My long term friend and college sweetheart. German Early Music Soprano and former Opera Singer in Halle an der Saale and Munich.

Karolina Brachmann - My Polish teacher of aural skills and platonic friend at HfM Cologne Standort Wuppertal now a tutor in Osnabrück she is a fantastic early music soprano herself.

Alexander Puliaev - Russian pianist and harpsichordist my accompanimnist and phenomenal keyobeard talent at HfM Cologne Standort Wuppertal. Guest professor of harpsichord at the Royal Academy of Music London UK

Hannah Morrison - Friend of Anja's and probably the most famous of our generation in Wuppertal music college soprano soloist, for John Elliott Gardiner and the Monteverdi Choir Dutch born and of Iceladic and Scottish heritage.

Roman River Music - The local music festival here in Colchester run by Orlando Jopling the conductor.

Pimlott Foundation - Daniela Bechly's foundation. My friend and former wife of the NT director Steven Pimlott who sadly died of cancer in who's name the foundation was created. Daniela's career meant that she worked with some big names too such as Daniel Barenboim I believe.

Stefan Bayer Electric Instruments - My violin maker form Saxony also makes electric cellos, basses and pickups

Classical Next Music Conference Rotterdam, Holland - My favourite world music conference who's online community I am a member of and have attended since 2018.