My Composition Story

PART 5: Upper Theory Grades

In 2010 I started to really ask myself what I wanted to achieve in life without Anja present. So much of my life in the previous 10 years had been about winning her outright as my wife so as asked myself the question : Who am I? for the first time. I made a list of all the things I'd studied and done and said this is who I am and worked out lists of way to progress in life from there. One of them was using all the self help books for languages and music that I'd purchased and I just saw these three theory workbooks for grades 6,7 and 8 unused from when I was a teenager and thought What a waste of money if I don't just have a go at them?

To this effect, I made a plan to get grades 6,7 and 8 theory and keep up my pedagogical skills on my own whilst I was at home. I got grade 6 in 2010 first time with 67 pts / 100 then I moved onto grade seven and passed that in 2011 on the second attempt with 73 pts / 100 and for the third paper I passed in 2013 having bought all the books learned material I hadn't touched before in trio sonatas and 19th Century piano music. I got through two workbooks and 13 past papers and read AB Guides 1 and 2 to music theory and passed on the third attempt in London with 73/100 and a merit on the last 2 questions 21 a piece. So I taught myself for 90 extra a Level credits successfully in total 21 for the last paper appear on the grade 8 cert. I achieved all this via self study. The examinations are fairly cheap if you teach your self the grade 8 is about 68 pounds, the grade 7, 58 and the grade 6, 50 or something per attempt, the past papers adn model answers were about 4.50 each and I bought 1 extra Grade 8 workbook for 12 pounds and the AB guides some of the grade 8 stuff I got as a main Christmas present in 2012. So I'm half way to the target I set myself of achieving 4 grade 8s by the time I die. I've got the violin to pass with now. I have singing and theory grade 8 for 2013 and 1997. I've high hopes for a grade 6 piano by the end of 2020.

Grade 8 Theory
Grade 7 Thoery
Grade 6 Theory
Grade 8 Thoery Mark Sheet
Grade 7 Mark Sheet
Grade 6 Mark Sheet