My Composition Story

Part 6: The Sibelius Era

Since purchasing Sibelius 7 in 2013 I have been using the programme to record my compositions as score files or .sibs. I have midi and moving score files and placed them online or have printed them out leaned them and recorded them on my advanced Sony Z1 mobile phone or Fifth Generation IPad. I have also edited them and enhanced them mostly to high quality M4a files using a convertor. you can even ad stereo depths to the sound and that's just using the most basic of equipment. I now subscribe to Sibelius Ultimate as and when I can afford to do so. Some more recent movements, songs and complete works that exist as scores that I've recorded myself I'm including an embedded playlist at the top of the page already prepared on soundlcoud. There is also a U-tube video of my Andate from Piano Sonata 12 set to pictures of Orford, Suffolk near Sanpe Maltings.

A full list of my musical output is available below.

Hugh Waldock Works to date


Piano sonatas (3 Movements each)


Piano Sonata 1 Bell Angioletta

Piano Sonata 2 Frau Anja Binkenstein

Piano Sonata 3 Nicola Benedetti

Piano Sonata 4 India

Piano Sonata 5 Princess Alice

Piano Sonata 6 Alan Bullard

Piano Sonata 7 St Nicholas

Piano Sonata 8 Patricia Mattock

Piano Sonata 9 Marina Gorelik

Piano Sonata 10 Daria Davydova

Piano Sonata 11 Karl Orff

Piano Sonata 12 Marriage to Benedetti

Piano Sonata 13 Orlando Jopling

Piano Soanta 14 Egmond Sonata ‘I love Brussels’ for Hélène Decottigny

Piano sonata 15 The Old House for Daniela Bechly (Pimlott)

Piano Sonata 16 Schein Anja Schein

Piano Sonata 17 Lightening over Leipzig

Piano Sonata 18 Hélène Decottigny

Piano Sonata 19 Hallelujah (inspired by Eric Whitacre’s work of the same name)


Violin Sonatas (3,4 and 6 movements each)


Solo Violin Sonata 1

Solo Violin Sonata 2 ‘Maastricht Sonata’

Salvator Mundi Sonata for Violin and Piano
Solo Violin Partita 1

Little Sonata on a Theme of Mozart for Violin and Piano

String Quartet Waiting for Brexo (originally Schweizerpsalm Quartet)

Sonata for Brass Quintet A Lutheran Blessing


Cello Suite 1 for solo cello (6 movements)




Sonata for Brass Quintet (3 movments)

A Lutheran Blessing for Braass Quintet




Service for Sarah Blake

Service for SATB 2

Psalm Chant and Ornamentation for St Leonard’s Choir




Come the light (entry for BBC carol competition 2015)

Hodie Christus Natus Est

Christmas Chorale Cantata (Settings of three Lutheran hymns)


Major Choral works (incomplete)



Hungarian Missa Brevis

I was Glad

St Matthew Passion

An Easter Anthem (Complete)

The Sad Stars Pale (Complete)




Arioso Lento for Classical orchestra

Scherzo Don Quixote for Classical orchestra.

Schwarz-Rot-Gold Wagnarian Overture for

Wagnarian Orchestra (sketch)

Batemans Piano Concerto

Sexy Little Jig Violin Concerto


Song Cycle (incomplete)

Phaeton and the Chariot of the sun (Words by Essex poet Glyn Maxwell)


Early Improvisations, Short Pieces and Songs CD Instrumental Pieces

01 Purcell Realisation

02 Sonata Movement from Nr.7 St Nicolas Sonata

03 Etude al Sweeelinck

04 Birthday Girl Barbara Schlick

05 Anjas Birthday

06 To my Dear Friend Dr Lutz Werner Hesse

07 Waltz Number 1

08 Mums Waltz

09 Nicolas Rhapsody for solo violin


My Best Early songs

10 Anja

11 Ideal Match

12a Karolina Brachmann

12b Karolina for Bass in F

13 Grief

14 I so want her home

15 Love Prayer

16 Reem’s Valentines Gift

17 Reem from Aleppo

18 Jessie Schwamb’s Crush 19 Shivering with Cold

20 Chinese Girl

21 Hannahs Liebesliedchen

22 Isi’s Sea Shanty


Arrangements of DDR Pioneer Songs

1. Mein Blaues Halstuch

2. Wie ein Vogel zu fliegen


Other songs

1. Hippiedom

2.The Beauty of Maastricht

3. Patriotic Song (An EU setting of Early One Morning for solo voice)

4. Public School Song

5. Orpheus, Eurydike, Hermes (art song)

6. Abschiedslied (A Traditional German Student Song)

7. Greatest Love My Dear John Letter to Anja Binkenstein

8. You are the One (Christian Rock Song)

9. Patsi’s Love Song

10. The Ffestiniog Railway

11. Sarah’s Song


Other Improvisations

1. A Tear

2. I thought I saw you

3. Endless Creator of German Music

4. The Blair’s Little Secret

5. Nice Indian Lady on the Train (my optician)

6. Jamie’s Essay; My Gift.

7. Variation on Debussy Arabesque Nr.

8. I do Hope We Meet Again

9. Comic Song

10. Baba


Minor instrumental works

1. Guitar Improvisation 1

2. Guitar Improvisation 2



1. A little Crush Music

2. Mozart Kugel

3a Sprüngli Chocolate Original Version

3b Sprüngli Chocolate Enhanced Version

4. German Dance

5. Anabelle Meets Rabbie Burns

6. Anti-Sexist Shimmy

7. Würzfleisch

8. Karl Orff’s an Alien

9. Schmolz

10. Anja’s Impromptu

11. Salina

12. Arrangement of the National Anthem


14 Chorales

7 Trio Sonata Realisations

Total complete works to date (list not exhaustive). 121.

129 movements within major works
81 separate shorter pieces, impros, songs and relaisations Total Movements and songs = 210