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ABRSM Theory Examinations

(Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exams)

ABRSM do practical music tests but also are a world authority on music theory teaching materials graded 1-8 workbooks train in what you need to know systematically through reading and exercises form learning basic note values at Grade 1 I got a distinction for in 1992 to complicated basics of Baroque Trio sonatas, romantic accompaniments and figured bass covered in the higher grades they are useful. These books are called Music Theory in Practice and cost about a tenner 10 GBP. Then there is the reader on theory called the AB guide to Music Theory Grades 1-5 and 6-8 in part one and part two and Anna Butterworth's book on advanced harmony. They were all so useful to me when teaching myself composition. The produce an ideal accompaniment to using a DAW when composing more traditional things. I'm Grade 8 qualified in theory and singing so far and am looking to pass piano and violin to provide my self styled 'Back Four' of ABRSM Grade 8 exams and a base from which to build.

My 2 Current Grade 8 Certs

Grade 8 Theory
Grade 8 Singing 1997

Current Highest Certificates from AB in Instruments

I have a piano second study exam from a conservatoire (of about grade 5 or 6), but the highest I've got a cert form AB is a Grade 3. I got two exams higher than a pass Grade 1 Theory Distinction and Grade 5 singing with Merit (128 pts). I have passes at Grades 5,6 and 7 theory with 6 and 7 via self study, and a Grade 1 violin (118 pts). I'm going to clear the Grade 5 hurdle in both instruments first so I have all 4 studies at GCSE level and see where we go from there. I'm hoping to have them both up there by the end of this year based on my progress with grade 4 piano the music came 2 days ago and I've already learned 1.5 of the pieces without mistakes. So, it is jumping through hoops with skills I've already acquired and am under-qualified in at this stage. I know it's possible.

Grade 4 Violin

My two Best Recordings of Me Playing on my Instrumental Studies so far!



My Grade 3 ABRSM Piano Results Via Self Study

In just 2 weeks I passed the Associated board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 3 examination (roughly 1st year in GCSE Piano) with 115 points without a teacher via self study. I read the music and practised it up to recording level in that time form first seeing it. the only piece I already knew was my piece German Dance I've embedded links to all four pieces in the exam below. This month I'm doing the next one on Grade 4. You have a choice as to whether to pass your practical graded exams via a test centre live or via remote assessment. I'm selecting the video option. If you can sight read the music it's simple enough you just purchase the music for the Grade 1 (easiest) to 8 (hardest) from the above link to thier webpage. Select four pieces including an own choice piece and upload via a secure link to their website with a small fee and you can gain a performance qualfiication in the instrument of your choice. I have grade 8 practical and theory already which is entry level teaching standards and qualfies you for entry to their diploma in singing or instrumental teaching depending on discipline. If you have a BA in Music you can then teach practical music. For degrees, see the OU link on my front page. The R25 is fine. I'm just getting instrumental Grade 8s as well hopefully. I have singing so far. An A level major (about Große Abitur level in practical music in Germany) is equivalent to about Grade 8 level on here and gives you extra A level points for Uni when young. Grade 6 is about minor Abi or AS level practical with Grade 5 Mittlererreife or GCSE level. To access grade six you have a theory hurdle to pass Grade 5 theory. ABRSM exams are very well established since the 1880s and are the world standard in practical music testing, as popular in Asia as it is in Europe. I think they are a wonderfully inclusive British institution.

My Grade 3 Mark sheet