My Time In KasselĀ 


My time in Kassel is an autobiography or memoir if you prefer. I wrote it about my year in the German city of Kassel in Hessen from December 2001 to September 2002 when I originally went to teach EFL on a PAYE contract, one thing led to anther and ended up singing in a professional opera project and applying for music college out there. This book tells a very dynamic story of that year, there are ups and downs but it ends in relative success.

kassel inlingua school

Chapter 1 : My CELTA Course

Chapter 2 : The USA and Afterwards

Chapter 3 : First Days in Kassel

Chapter 4 : My Pupils at Inlingua Kassel

Chapter 5 : The Inlingua School in Kassel

Chapter 6 : Memorable Events and Places