Audio Engineering at HOFA

Exceptional Talent

This is the highest level of achievement I have reached so far the professional certificate at the end of year one equivalent to the first year of a BSc Media Prodcution (Audio Engineering). For my best mark in a mix I recreated Leny Lamal's mix from his single When It Rains and got 75%. Which is not bad it's a 2:1 standard for someone who didn't even know what a compressor was in 2021. I appreciate just how talented he is dispite his viewing figures right now.


In that vain, I just wanna give my tutor Leny Lamal a plug and at the same time introduce you to the privilege of the excellent production that goes on in my college in Southern Germany. It really is a good German club the number 1 college for production via distance learning in the German speaking area.

HOFA College


HOFA College in Karlsdorf near Mannheim in Germany specialise in Audio Engineering and Production Diplomas. My studies there cover all aspects of the subject from a practical perspective; including how to record properly and mix using a home studio, modern DAW songwriting, live deejaying, acoustics and so on. This is very useful for me as a performing musician, composer and voiceover artist because it means I can record and distribute freelance and independently when qualified. The studies at HOFA can be topped up to a Bachelors of Science (BSc) Degree in Audio Engineering and Media Production at Triagon Academy their partner college with degree awarding powers. In addition. I might also take a Composition course with them to have both a scientific and artistic Bachelors one from HOFA and one from their other partner college MMS in Innesmanning near Munich all now part of Triagon University which has official ECTS point accreditation from the EU now independently.

This is a link to my college profile:

Examples Of My Own Production Skills As They Develop

...Vocals ...

...Acting Voiceovers....

...Restorative Audio Engineering and Remastering from Audio Cassette...

...skill at classical piano.... e-violining skills...

...and my DAW based composition skills

I have remixed the following songs as part of the course so far:


HOFA BASIC and Pro V2 Syllabus


No Need for Solace by Stuck

Security by Masterbrecords


Unter der Haut by Jochen Sachse

Tanzt by Vamerledt

Demons by Sameday Records  mixed by Jochen Weyer

Floor! By Jens Helmis

Hungarian Dance from Symphonic Dances by Johannes Brahms (Orchestral)


HOFA V3 Syllabus


Do You Care by Nuemo

And I will be okay by About Last Time

When it Rains by Lenny Lamal

Demons by Sameday Records mixed by Jochen Weyer

You are the One by Hugh Waldock

Welcome! Stems

Strangers Car by Lenny Lamal (Numeo Remix)

Three Spoken Voiceovers in English and in German by Hugh Waldock

Barbie by Brenda Blitz


Theoretical Exams


Pass Mark 50% (40 Multi Choice Tests on a Pass/Fail Basis)


Professional DIPLOMA 29/40 Theory Exams Completed


Average Mark for Pro Certificate (Theory): 65% (21 exams of 40)

Average Mark for DIPLOMA Certificate (so far): 66.42% (29 exams)


Acoustics 1 - 80%

Instrument Studies 1 Voice - 64%

Producing Electronic Music and Hip Hop 1 - 76%

Editing 1 - 84%

Technology in Sound Engineering 1 - 74%

Digital Audio Production 2 - 60%

Recording 2 - 71%

Sound Design 1 - 52%

Harmony and Music Theory and Songwriting 2 - 78%

Drum Machines - 50%

Editing 3 - 50%

Producing Pop, Rock, and Heavy Rock 1 - 79%

Mastering I 57%

Sound Design 3 65%

Instrument Studies 3 68%

Recording 7 56%

Technology in Sound Engineering 4 62%

Hip Hop and EDM Production 3 77%

Audio Engineering for Film 1 65%

Live Sound Engineering 2 56%

Acoustics 3 54%

Drum Programming 50%

Acoustics 5 74%

Instrument studies 4 50%

Instrument studies 5 100%!

Academic Work 71%

Harmony and Songwriting 93%

Technology in Sound Engineering 6 59%

Technology in Sound Engineering 7 50%


Practical Exams for Pro Certificate

3/3 Exams Taken


Mixing 3 - When it Rains By Leny Lamal - Mixing 3 - 75%

Mixing 6 - Strangers Car by Leny Lamal - Mixing 6 - 65%

Mixing 10 - Barbie by Brenda Blitz - 70%





Exams for the Core Diploma Curriculum 2/3


HOFA College German Certified Audio Assistant March 2023


HOFA German Certified Audio Engineer September 2023 Pass with Good Success 70% (2:1 Standard)



V2 Short Course Certificates (on the old syllabus)


HOFA Harmony and Theory for Audio Engineers V2 April 2022



Topic Certificates on new V3 Syllabus 3/20 possible so far.


HOFA Introduction Guide to Digital Audio Production March 2023


HOFA Studies in Instruments and Voices Topic Certificate March 2024 (70.5% average)


HOFA Technology in Sound Engineering Topic Certificate (61.3% average)


Exerts from the 3 Exam critiques for HOFA PRO


When it Rains by Leny Lamal


Hello Hugh!

Congratulations on your final mix in the BASIC course Mixing 3! You already know the song from the mix documentation in the course – so you know how we proceeded in our mix. It was your task to use your own DAW and your own tools to do this mix.




All in all, you have submitted a great mix in this learning unit - keep it up! You have implemented the processings well and achieved a balanced overall sound. Some details could still be optimized, but you are on a good way.



Stranger's Car by Leny Lamal (Numeo remix)


Practical exam: Passed

Exam result:  65 %

Congratulations on passing your Mixing 6 module exam!

You have managed points of the task well, although there is still some room for improvement in a few aspects. Let's take a detailed look at how you handled the different parts of the task. But over the course of your mixing process, you have improved this mix



Overall, you have demonstrated good session management and a clear plan for the mix which results in a solid mix. Your processing ideas are good starting points, but could be improved in some places. You could look at the balance of the drums and bass, while the instruments could be more open and bright, for example the chord-piano. Have fun in your upcoming courses!


Barbie - by Brenda Blitz (a 72 track mix)


Practical exam: Passed

Exam result: 70%

Congratulations on passing your Mixing 10 module exam!

Looking at your mix, we can immediately see that a lot of work and effort has gone into it. You have listened very carefully in many parts and in some places you have been able to translate the sounds of the original very well. Mixing this song is not so easy and has many pitfalls. So, generally speaking, your mix is going in the right direction, but there are still a few aspects we need to address.



All in all, you have done a good job in this unit! You have listened carefully to the original mix and have been able to implement a few aspects in your mix - well done! However, there are some points we would like to discuss. In particular, the dull and resonant sound of the vocals and the guitar. There is still some room for improvement here. All in all, you can build on this mix because it goes in the right direction 🙂

I'm proud to announce my recent distinction in the Harmony, Music Theory and Songwriting Course!

The badge is on the landing page. I achieved over 85% in the final pracitcal project with this one.


This is what I've done with it so far... I've improvised harmony from the tune of the Luxembourg National Anthem which I learned and transscribed by ear to keyboard then recorded this all within one hour.