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Here's a complete sonatina played by me with holiday pictures of Sark in 2016.

Professional Interests & Hobbies in the Arts along with some life history and archiving

Hugh Waldock Music

Whatever your musical needs I can write music for every occasion and make that score available in a veriety of formats. I am a vastly experienced choral singer with over 350 amatuer and professional performances under my belt for some of the best choral conductors in the world. I am a recording artist at choral level including for the BBC and Hyperion and briefly worked as a professional soloist in Germany.

Hugh Waldock Politics

I have a history of political activism dating back to 2003. My primary concern now is Pro-Eurofederalism. I am a hard remainer, but I've also done antiwar, antifascist and student strikes against tuiton fees in both England and in Germany

Hugh Waldock Self-Publishing

Pictures of some of my 16 publications.

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This video is the famous C major Prelude from the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 by Bach with pictures of his native city of Leipzig including the Church of St Thomas's where he worked and where I saw my college sweetheart perform for the last time at the opening concert of the Leipzig Bach Festival in 2018.

My finest Musical Achievements:

My finest musical achivement is 7 tracks for BBC World in 1995 with Ralph Allwood MBE as the Ipswich School singing cup winner and representative on Eton Choral Course 1 1995. Ralph is the former Choirmaster of Eton College and now Trinity Laban College London and was tutor to the famous Choirmaster Gareth Malone.  Recorded for the In Praise of God Programmes, 'Death' and 'Judgement' broadcast on the 3rd and 10th of December 1995 and recorded that summer. Click on the Link for the full programme. This is Ubi Caritas by Maurice Dureflé. I also recorded 2 tracks for Hyperion the second most popular classical music Label of the 90s behind Deutsche Gramaphon as an extra in a congregational choir taken from Dovercourt Choral Society and Colchester Bach Choir on a Peter Holman CD called Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame recorded in St Mary's Stoke by Nayland in 1998 accompanied by pianist Timothy Roberts. My 7 professional countertenor appearances as a solo opera and oratorio specialist and the 2 gigs (Handel's Messiah and Sing Christmas 2016) for Aldeburgh Voices under Ben Parry, the Benjamin Britten Foundation House Choir at Snape Maltings in Suffolk, will always stick in my mind as the highlights of my singing career. You can read about it all by clicking on music and going to Singing. I'm fiercely proud of my little career in Classical Music and still want to improve on what I've done by becoming a professional player and composer in my middle age and passing the mantle of singing on to the young aside for maybe increasing my total number of pro performances from 7-50 just to prove that my 400 appearances weren't just for fun. I have sung at 10 Cathedrals and in 2 evensongs at Kings Cambridge and John's Cambridge in 1995 and 1996 including one performance for the great late Sir Stephen Cleobury 'Church music's only knight'!

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Other Recordings of Hugh Waldock's Playing and Singing
Read and hear more about this under German Democratic Republic (GDR) on the left and clicking on the pictures.

Hungarian Piano School Pieces

(Zongoraiskola 1+2 from EMB Budapest)


(Das Neue Sonatienenbuch M. Frey)

My own Works

(Classical Music Compostions)

Over thirty minor dances and short pedagogical pieces by major and minor Classical and Baroque composers as well as some character pieces by Hungarian 20th Century composers such as Ferenc Farkas. Good Variety in here. Including this Menuet in G major from Suite BWV 822 by J.S. Bach (a peach of a recording).

This is a short 3 movement sonata or Sonatina by Muzio Clementi or tutor to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; you can see the influence of this sonata on Mozart's early work. There are 5 of these sonatinas from this book recorded so far.

The slow movement to my 19th piano Sonata called Hallelujah after a piece by a well known American Choral Composer played by me. Some of the compositions are played and some are midi files in this section.

Watch these set of variations grow as I learn
and record my first piece of genuine concert repertoire!

Famous Bach Menuet for his wife to play Anna Magdelena now partly attributed to a minor composer

This video is of Cesar Franck's Lied aus der Creuse with pictures of a family holiday in the  neighbouring Dordogne region.


Mostly me playing and singing German folk music. Star Vicino is an Italian Baroque antique aria of the Neapolitan School of opera.


I've just purchased a new violin and am still a developing violinist. There are some folk tunes and  a baroque Bourée by Handel which belongs in the class of Suzuki Evergreens from the 1980s and this set of Christmas carols. I learned as a child. I'm searching around for a better amp.

.....and now for something divinely beautiful.....

...and now for something equally divinely beautiful....and Swiss! (Nigel Farage not included)

The little Column About Me

It's sometimes difficult not to be seen as a Jack of All Trades and a master of none but I believe if you are educated and value education even if it is just teaching yourself you can really develop those different parts of you. I'm not just the designer of my own page or other people's pages. I am a very serious composer of Classical music and an author as well. A lot of my time is taken up with singing, playing, politcs, and the authoring of books and blogs about my life. I'm lucky to be in what my favourite German politician calls the Klub der Erbe or the club of inheritance which allows me to do pretty much as I want even if I have to first do my duty to an elderly parent. I don't earn a vast amount. I have two life threatening disabilities. They won't get better and they will eventually kill me. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 27 and told I had ten years to live. That was 15 years ago. I got off the drink, the weed, and the cigarettes completely. I've done 9 different jobs Chirstmas Postal Worker, Factory Worker, Retail Assistant in Operations for a Drug Store, A Telesales Assistant for a World Class Insurance Firm, An English Language Teacher with his own business teaching occupational English in the NRW in Germany, a  solo countertenor singer in Germany, a translator for a world class agency and a creative artist. My aim is to succeed at creative arts. I've travelled to 26 countries in Europe and North America. Indeed I've lived permanently in Germany for 8 years and been from NYC to LA by coach. That's something I've written about in the past but is also an ongoing process. I was a British remainer, but not Anti-US as my first girlfriend was American.

Hugh Waldock

Some Favourite Music

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