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Speech and Voice Recordings

With much potential to be recognised these are my very first tracks on a 3 year course in Sound Engineering at an academic institute in Mannheim, Germany. I'm just establishing myself there now. The deal there is that you do one unit per month for two years and the a third year top up at Triagon Academy. I've just finished my first unit and that's all about setting up and buying all the equipment you need to build your home studio. I've had to buy a lot of things, a DAW which is a Digital Audio Workstation or Sequencer (as it was known 25 years ago when I last used one), included. Amazing piece of kit. I've chosen Logic Pro X for Mac. I'm not sure how it's going to work out with a German qualification in music post Brexit so I'm also studying on the R25 music course at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK and also I'm bolstering this with an introductory course to Creative Writing at Oxford University Continuing Education Department. Three wonderful courses for the eternal student in me. I've hopefully got a student job as a postal worker or as a teacher we'll see. I'm getting the first corona jab on Tuesday this week.

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AMERICA ILLUSTRATED EPUB VERSION £1.50 You save £0.49 (25%) Click on Photo to navigate to my E-Shop.

America Illustrated is the story of my coast to coast trip across the Northern United States and Canada from NYC to LA in August 2001 and Early September 2001. It covers the story of my first holiday romance with a nice American lady and our trip through NYC, Newport, Rode Island, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Thousand Islands, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Badlands National Park, Sioux Falls,  Deadwood adn Lead, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devils tower, Cody, Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, St George, Las Vegas, and LA Anaheim, with over 50 photos including hot air ballooning over St George, Utah.

Aspects of Hugh Gregory Waldock : Music

It never ceases to amaze how much music is influenced by technology :

Take these two recordings of the same piece of Classical Music

One has been left played 'au naturelle' how I played it and

the other digitally enhanced using a DAW

(Music Studio) called Logic Pro X.

Can you tell which is which?

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Some Arty and Scenic Music Videos