Where Do you Want to Go Today…

…Struggling Against Bipolar and Diabetes…?

With Boundless, Prolific, Creativity,

To The Musician?

A tale of 6 musical skills; singing, piano, violin, production, composition & musicology. I’ve performed live over 400 times in my life as both an amateur & professional singer, more recently as a prolific recording artist on social media. I’m currently studying for a BSc in Audio Engineering & Media Production with Composition at HOFA.

The Activist?

The story of my life as a boots on the ground political activist doing everything from anti war and anti fascist work, and campainging for free univeristy education to being a Remainer for the EU. I’m currently a volunteer for the British Labour Party, a member of the European Movement and The Fabian Society.

The Author or Poet?

The history of my creative writing and my endeavour to be a published author from the distant past to the present.

Even Something Nice and Poppy,

Or Advanced Instrumentals With Long Grade 6 Pieces,

Qualifications Galore or…

A Live Waltz by Cornelius Gurlitt,

…That’s Surely A Celebration Of Time On Low Income?

A Classical Song From My Heart?

Berlin, I think!

Or Here, perhaps? Unfenced Existence!