Boundless Prolific Creativity


A tale of 6 musical skills; singing, piano, violin, production, composition & musicology. I’ve performed live over 400 times in my life as both an amateur & professional singer, more recently as a prolific recording artist on social media. I’m currently studying for a BSc in Audio Engineering & Media Production with Composition at HOFA.


The history of my hobby of boots-on-the-ground bipartisan political activism. I prefer to support individual causes as I see fit rather than adhere to party politics especially in the UK. Causes I have protested for include pro-European activism, antiwar, antifascist and anti-student-tuition-fee action in Germany, Europe, and the UK.

Author and Poet

Another major part of me is the authorship, editing and self-publication of my own books. My creations boast some 6 major works of life writing, over 430 love poems, 3 slushy novels and even my own cookbook which is rare for a man! Combining with my degree level production skills I am able to create voiceovers and talking books as well.

HOFA Harmony and Theory Short Course (of pop and jazz)

HOFA German State-Certified Audio Assistant (in Audio Engineering)

HOFA Topic Paper in Basic Audio Production Theory

HOFA German State-Certified Audio Engineer

Why not check out the complete Voiceover of America Illustrated, my coast to coast bus tour in the US?