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My latest CD and possibly Christmas Vinyl to be produced by HOFA Studios in Mannheim consists of the first three chapters of The Hungarian Piano School Book 2. It has been learned and recorded by me and I’m in the process of producing it as a mixing and mastering engineer from these three soundcloud playlists.




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I still have some copies left of my current CD for your cars it’s Called Sonatinas and  Dances and will be going back on sale via another website soon.


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Extracts from My Little Book of Berlin (2016)

My Little Book of Berlin (2016)

More than just a little creative writing!


America Illustrated is the story of my big road trip from New York City to Los Angeles in 2001.  Simply watch the example video of my entry for Friday August 10th and click on the pic for a link to buy the ebook from my shop if you like it.

AMERICA ILLUSTRATED EPUB VERSION £1.50 You save £0.49 (25%) Click on Photo to navigate to my E-Shop.