2016-2019 Campaigning in the UK

UK Campaigning 2016-2019
UK Campaigning 2016-2019

Letter Writing 2016-2018

My Letters to Stuart Agnew MEP

I contacted Stuart and the other MEPs in the area with news we’d lost the referendum but we’d like to retain EU passports and status. They claimed that they couldn’t ‘support anything’ that defied ‘their Brexit line’, however sentimental or painful that was to me. Enough said.

My Letters To Will Quince

I sent some correspondence to Will Quince and arranged a meeting with this very amenable and moderate leaver MP who is trying his best to make sense of this dog's dinner of a Brexit process. When I first went to see him about a passport he mentioned that passports were unlikely to be included in any trade deal baring in mind the time it would take to negotiate a deal within two years of the 29th of March 2019.

I was so depressed I lobbied him endlessly in the end and he was so confused with the sheer amount of emails he was receiving to vote with and against the PM, but he did reply at length claiming he simply did not know which way to vote. He was toying with voting for the deal as he held a ministerial position but then resigned and voted against but he's for a deal in principle and I gave him my support in that. My local MP for Colchester is a very kind Conservative and I like him as a person despite him being a leaver I've warmed to him. I want to work with him.

My Contact with Bury St Edmunds Open Britain 2018

I was invited up to Bury to one meeting of Open Britain to help some remainers on the recommendation of Pietro di Matties for one.

It was mid 2018 that I was commandeered to help with a survey as to why people had voted the way they had in leave areas. I didn't really get on with them for some reason. This probably had partly to do with the fact that Christine the boss of the group was attractive and I asked her to help me with the promotion of my arts as well which was her profession. The others who had been Tory stalwarts for years mostly, disliked me for that. The Liberal Democrat Police Chief was very nice though. We went into a predominantly leave estate and asked them why they'd voted the way they did by knocking on doors. We had to be able to take a little bit of resistance and rejection but no-one chased me down the road with a meat clever.

It was okay we had a meeting afterwards and got all a bit hot under the collar about Christine being a star dancer for the Royal Ballet and me being a competition winner at singing. I was roasted for that and not asked back. She's a sweet older lady Christine.

In February 2019 I attended a short conference in London by New Europeans for just one day at Europe House in Westminster the old Hanseatic Trading Centre

Here I met a friend of mine Peter Cook for the first time. Peter was a very avid pro-European campaigner and still is. Very nice chap and a musician with a lot of academic prowess. He was a attacked for his belief in the EU and given a couple of black eyes. He is a very lovely chap and has really taken it on the chin for his belief in Europe.

It was here at this conference that we discussed potential consequences of leaving the EU without a deal. At that time we were talking about 1.5% to 5.5% hit to the economy with Prime Minister May's deal that Dominic Raab negotiated for us. If we did our homework on the deal it was likely to only be 1.5% but if we hadn't it would have been the best end of a no deal scenario.

In the event of a no deal the hit would have been about 5-9% economic damage depending on the provisions taken and it was by no means certain if the were organised enough to really make the right decisions at that stage. We were worried. Now corona has blown all of us out of the water and we're even worse off than that most likely.

The North East would have seen about a 12% cut tin the economy and would have been worse affected.

I agreed to join the European Movement and keep up the pressure.

Anti Pro-Rogation March Ipswich, late 2019 Suffolk EU Alliance.

I arrived in in Ipswich for a brief debate and protest on the steps of Ipswich Town Hall with the then Labour MP Sandy Martin. He was broadly in favour of the march but labours official line was to get a good deal rather than no deal and not reverse Brexit so he had his fingers in both camps. What he did speak out in favour of was parliament not being dissolved so that Brexit could not be debated before the Queen's speech as Boris Johnson had already done. So we were there to protest against parliament being shut down to cut out the debate on the issue. Martin was in favour of this despite the official Labour stance of playing the political pigmy under Jeremy Corbyn who was essentially a leaver in charge of a Remain party in general.

We debated the issues and I made a cracking speech which totally won the debate for remain in my opinion and I was air-brushed out of the report in EADT (East Anglian Daily Times) completely who spun it as a leave victory which I think personally was liable and misinformation. They even went so far as to remove my image with photo shop of me holding up the campaign banner. I'm still not pleased about that. One of them shouted, "2 World Wars", and I shouted "...and 4 World Cups" in reply back at him. It's actually 11-1 if you add up all the EU WC wins compared to ours. I did complain to the EADT they said write in and then blocked my email. Really fascist organisation. It wasn't just me another very passionate speaker for the EU backed me up. We won that hands down. That was an attack on me personally for being an Ipswichian they didn't like.